Three years in the making, we finished the project this fall (03). In general it's 68' wide, 36' deep and 18' high. The High-Fold door is 44 x16 and is covered with lightweight cedar. The roof is metal as well as the back exterior wall for fire protection. Built all in wood  and river rock, with local materials and labor, it reflects our goal to blend in with our natural surroundings.  The floors in the hangar and workshop area are acid stained concrete with imbedded radiant heat with extensive insulation and a super efficient Munchkin propane boiler from Germany.  The hangar section has it's own kitchen complete with a Hussman commercial glass door cooler. Its compressor is remotely located outside to keep things  quiet. We combined a music stage with a river rock gas fireplace in the opposite corner from the kitchen. The stage has a birch log suspended to mount the lighting.  There is storage under the stage for tables and chairs.  We added a projection home theater with a 8X10 Stewart screen, and a great sound system, for those long winter nights. The interior accents are birch from our own property, and even a 12' birch log chandelier in front of the kitchen and the stage lighting support used our own logs.  The workshop-garage area has lots of storage, a mechanical room with a mop-sink, and 12 ' of workbench across the back.  The upstairs loft is one room with a separate bath over the hangar kitchen which includes a large shower and large jetted tub.  The loft itself has a kitchen across the back, an island bar, a rustic computer desk, and a king sized bed in front of the windows.  Of course there is a gas fireplace for Montana winters.  The floors are real southern yellow pine, wainscot, local blue pine and all the beautiful custom furniture by Lodge Craft (thanks Tom).  The deck off the loft and the new entranceway were completed this fall. The final exterior work was to expand the aircraft parking area and ramp.  What would we do different?  Make it larger, as we now have two planes, and more guests every year.  It's fun to share with our flying friends.  Special notes: we really set it up for communications and have DSL, WI-FI (bring your computer), even fiber optic wiring for future use and DISH  HD TV.  There is a shower in the hangar for guests, and camping areas with power and water close by.  We monitor 122.9, so give us a call and drop in for a visit.

The other photos are of the smaller cabins, the docks and the property.  We have about 13 acres on the water and 43 acres total. Highway 93 and the BN&SF railroad run through the property. We adjoin the Stillwater State Forest on our NW boundary and have only a few neighbors on the SE side. We share the lake with several pair of Loons, Eagles and Ospreys and the fishing is good.


In the beginning

Construction begins

Week before 03 Splash In

We build the deck 8-03

On goes the railing

Deck is up

Starting the new entrance

Mike finishing the new entrance

Ray working on lighting

Hangar from the lake

From the dock

PA-12 goes in with Gator

The PA-12 just fits

Still room for the table

Loren, Lonnie & Bill's Mom enjoy

View from the outside

The big window

Yes, we have a firplace ( to keep planes warm)

We build a new birch log chandelier

Doesn't every hangar have home theater?

Hangar ambiance

And a music stage with gas fireplace

Hangar lighting

Hangar art

Our "big picture window"

Hangar ceiling 2

Hangar ceiling 1

Hangar Kitchen, great floor shot

Black bear from my friend Bruce Johnson

View from stairway

The upstairs loft's new kitchen

The hangar loft's dresser-bed headboard

Loft bed, with kitties of course

Loft's island-bar

Connie enjoys deck for hangr loft

The new entrance get's finished

Ramp parking get's doubled

Another shot of expanded parking area

We widen and improve the ramp 10-03

Two feet wider helps

Bill on our backhoe working on ramp

Another shot of the new entrance

A view from the lakeshore

Summer ends, the birds head south

October 03 record warm, then

Early November, winter (and the ice) arrive before I am ready

Small cabins

Guest cabin

Mom's cabin

Bear bench

Dock bench


Windsock dock

Under the rainbow

One of our camping areas

One of our RV sites

Plenty of room to park

Enjoy a swim

Our Renegade Dec. 03

Bill's new (Oct 05) Cessna 182

Summer fun (05) on the dock

Vicky and James from the UK, honeymoon at the cabin

The PA 12 in to the dock

Martin and Eleanor arrive from the CN cabin in Oct.