Arriving by seaplane: The lake is easy to find  as it is a short distance  from Whitefish-Kalispell.  US hwy 93 W. and the BNSF railroad run right through our property.

There is a large logging mill at the North West end of the lake, a log bar (Stillwater Bar) and a few cabins at the South East end. There are two islands on the lake and our property begins opposite the larger one (on the hwy 93 W. side of the lake) and continues approx 2500' South East down past our windsock, which flies from one of our small docks.

You will see our new hangar, two small log cabins and a couple of docks. Parking is available all along the bank and most planes can tail in and tie to trees on the bank.  There is room for two or three amphibs on the ramp.  Many people camp right behind their plane on the flat between the bank/beach and our driveway. A new camping area with water (from our new well) and power, is one level up. We usually park the larger planes, the Goose, Widgeon, Beavers etc. between the larger dock and the North point.

The beach is soft and grassy. Waders or "wet shoes" are recommended.  Once tailed in you can usually step off to firm ground. The area is generally protected and as the lake is small, the wind does not pose much of a problem.

Approaching from the north, be aware of the shallow area and possible deadheads near the mill. Once over that you will see grass in the lake but it is usually safe to land anywhere past that area The lake is generally free of obstructions, but always keep a lookout for logs or deadheads.  In the summer there may be a few fishing boats, occasional water skiers and canoeists on the lake.

See SPA Directory, pgs.122-123, 3rd edition

Charts: Great Falls Sectional

Lake elevation is approx 3150 feet.

Location: approx. 48.31.21, 114.33.20


Photo of lake by Bert and Grace Poloson from their 185

Bert and Graces 185

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