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There are three airports on the area to choose from.

Closest is the Whitefish airport (58S).  It is about 16 miles from Stillwater Landing, just east  of the town of Whitefish.  Its a grass strip, about 3100' and at 3066'. The Hertz (406-862-1210) car rental is across  the road  otherwise it's about 1/2 mile to town.  There is also a Budget office in Whitefish, 406-862-8170. Give us a call on 121.9, and we will arrange for someone  to give you a ride.  Fuel is available at nearby Glacier Int. or Kalispell City airport.

Next is FCA, Glacier International, which can accommodate all types aircraft.   Edwards Aviation (406-755-5362) has tie downs, hangers and fuel. They also can arrange for a car rental.  Also major car rentals are at the main terminal.  AK.-Horz, Delta and NWA service the field.  Keep an eye out for fire retardant activity during fire season.

A little further is Kalispell City Airport (S27) which has motels and food right on the field. It's a short walk into Kalispell. Most car rentals are available.  It's about a 45 minute drive to Stillwater Landing from the field.


FIRES:  Forest  fires have always been with us in the summer, but 2003 was extremely bad.  We were fortunate to have a smoke free weekend for our event, but IFR conditions were frequent for all of Aug. and Sept.

Check NOTAMS and flight service for current information.  We had representatives from the Fire Control Center at our 03 Splash In to help pilots avoid conflict with the aerial  water tankers and helicopter operations.  Be very careful !