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Music has been an important feature of our fly (Splash) in gatherings from the earliest years.  From the nightly sing- along around the campfire to the special music on our indoor stage in the hangar, everyone gets to enjoy or participate. 

Expanding from the "Splash In" music, we now will host  " Music at Stillwater Landing" with open jams or special guest,  several times through out the summer.  We invite anyone interested to bring their instrument or simply their voice, to play/sing along or even do solo performances on the stage. Check our "news" bar for schedules. We love folk, bluegrass, cowboy and other fun music, but also invite those with classical or other traditional talents. While we do not have commercial events, we welcome both amateur and professional musicians to bring their bands and friends for relaxation and jamming.

Pepe and Sue at Stillwater Landing

Pepe' and Sue Maxwell, longtime sailing friends, have been bringing their special blend of folk, blues and original music in August for many years. Bill often joins in with his 6 or12 string guitar along with other musicians who also play or sing.  

Click on link to see Video from the Stillwater Stage
Susan Wheatley at Stillwater Landing-2006

We used to say someday we'll do that.  Now we say, if we don't do it now, we may not get another chance.  Bill and I saw Doc and Merle Watson play at the Backstage in Ballard in the mid 80's and we were sad when Merle died in a farming accident not long after that.  A group of Merle's friends in North Carolina started a music tribute to Merle after he died and this year Merlefest celebrated it's 20th  Anniversary.  Bill and I and our friend Judi from Florida attended all 4 days of the festival in rain and shine.  We took lots of photos and I put together a slide show.  I also added all the photos we took at the Stagecoach Music Festival the weekend after Merlefest.


July 4th 2006

We celebrated Bill's  birthday with an afternoon BBQ at Dennis and Jackie McGuire's nearby Shooting Star Ranch.  Music was provided by Craig Donegan, Dan Weber, Ed Brown and Susan Wheatley, and finally Tom Russell and Michael Martin.


Other Friends and Musicians

Don Edwards and Bill

Peter O'brien and Ian Tyson

Judi and Connie

Our Gang

Ron and Donna Loccarini at our sound booth

Ron arrived from Austin at Stillwater on Labor Day 06' (thanks Susan Wheatley) and is an experienced sound and video expert as well as a seasoned musician.  Ron really helped get our equipment working well and has become a great friend.


Katy is one of our favorite singer /songwriters.


The rest of winter/early spring activities have centered around a place called Brindles Market on Camano Island WA, a few miles from our Stanwood Home.  Brindles  combines a neat wine shop with a meat and seafood market, art gallery, and book store which has been hosting local musicians on most Friday and Saturday evenings.  This plus Wed and Sunday afternoon jams  has made for meeting lots of new performers and jamming with old friends.



Ramblin' Jack and PA12 floatplane

Lee Zimmerman plays at Stillwater Landing Hangar Stage

Some favorite pix are below



We were at the lake in early March for our second local fishing derby.  A few photos are below.  The awards were given at the Stillwater Bar. 

Lot's of music gatherings occurred all summer and in to the fall/








There  are many good places for music in Northwest Montana

below are a few plus some links

the "best" radio station in Montana

Montana Radio Cafe', 101.9

                          see summer concert series at web site


Reds Wines and Blues

 The "happening place" in Kalispell for great music and food. Also the home of the KM theater, site of many special concerts.

Special thanks to the Goodman's for their support of local talent.


Montana Coffee Traders, Whitefish  Music Friday evenings 8-10

Hot Club  Coffee House, Troy Montana 

Music Friday evenings, other special events, music store

Molly Browns at the Trego Store, Trego MT

just up the road (off hwy 93)

Great music Saturday mornings and evenings

Great Northern, Whitefish

open mike Tuesday evenings

Tom Russell's Next  "Music Train"



 A classic intimate hotel with mineral springs

and music (check for schedules). 

Perfect for small groups and music workshops.

303 Spring St, Hot Springs, Montana  Ph 406 741 2283

Navajo Mug

Longview Alberta

Whole Wheat Radio

Talkeetna, AK